Cement (Bulk)

Cement is a core product for construction of buildings and infrastructures.

As a key player in the industry, YTL Cement strives to produce innovative cement for different construction purposes. Under the banner of YTL Cement and Kedah Cement (formerly known as Lafarge Cement), we have various cement formulated to meet the needs of Malaysian’s construction industry.


OPC is the most common cement used in general concrete construction when there is no exposure to sulphates in the soil or groundwater.

Mascrete Eco

Mascrete Eco, eco-friendly and sustainable, is a specially formulated Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) Cement. With its pozzolanic quality of PFA, Mascrete Eco makes buildings more durable and lasting.

Mascrete LH

Mascrete LH is a specially manufactured Portland Pulverised-Fuel Ash Cement. The lower Heat of Hydration for this product minimises the risk of micro-thermal cracking and enhances the durability of concrete structures.


Special-blend cement incorporating granulated ground-blasted slag (GGBS), this cement provides a stable mix that improves workability and delivers higher long-term compressive and flexural strength of concrete.

Marine Oil-well Cement

This type of cement is use for cementing oil well. It is specially formulated to give the required thickening characteristics necessary for pumping into oil wells.

Sulphate-Resistant Cement (SRC)

The unique formulation of this cement lowers risks of sulphate attacks on concrete and improves durability of structures, especially in marine environment and soils that are high in sulphate content.