Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is possibly the most widely used construction material in the world. A simple composite of cement, aggregates, chemical admixtures and water, concrete is a construction material that is very flexible – it can be cast into different shapes, is durable and is the most commercially attractive construction material (highest strength per unit cost).

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, we have more than 100 batching plants in operation, backed up by a dedicated team of technical experts and a strong R&D team.

In Malaysia, we operate under two banners – Buildcon Concrete and Lafarge Concrete – both with their own strengths in different regions and market segments. Under the umbrella of YTL Cement, we have developed and designed special concrete that meet the construction industry’s various needs: From ultra-high grade concrete to self-compacting concrete (SCC) and pervious decorative concrete – an extensive concrete portfolio comprising of products of various capabilities and attributes to meet the ever changing construction landscape and engineering design.


Agilia™ is a self-placing and self-compacting concrete that speeds up construction work as it is very fluid and spreads effortlessly with no vibration required. It provides an exceptional, high aesthetic finish and is an ideal match for formwork pouring.


Hydromedia™ is engineered to be a fast draining concrete pavement solution that offers efficient drainage and a surface resilient to wear.


Artevia™ is an innovative collection of decorative coloured concrete that can be used for internal and external flooring. With Artevia™, your floor will be free from broken tiles, cracks, bulging and fading colour problems.


Ultra Series™ offers a range of innovative concrete solutions that serve a broad spectrum of needs, from building construction to road projects.